New papers!!!

We've had a few new papers come out recently.

The first is aimed trying to determine environmental drivers metabolic flexibility in birds and is currently in press at Ecography. This was a real collaborative effort with five lab members as co-authors.

Pollock, H.S., M. Stager, P.M. Benham, N. Sly, J.D. Brawn, & Z.A. Cheviron. Disentangling environmental drivers of metabolic flexibility in birds: the importance of temperature extremes vs. temperature variability. In press. Ecography. [pdf]

We also published a paper from another collaborative project, this time with the Storz Lab at University of Nebraska, Witt Lab at University of New Mexico and Angela Fago and Roy Weber at Arhaus University. This one examines the role of a mutation bias in the adaptive evolution of hemoglobin in House Wrens, and was published in PNAS.

Galen, S.C., C. Natarajan, H. Moriyama, R.E. Weber, P.M. Benham, A.N. Chavez, Z.A. Cheviron, J.F. Storz, & C.C. Witt. Contribution of a mutational hotspot to hemoglobin adaptation in high-altitude Andean house wrens. In press. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. [pdf]

Finally, Zac and Jay Storz published a book chapter that should appear later this year on regulatory evolution and high-altitude adaptation.

Storz, J. F., & Z. A. Cheviron. Functional genomic insights into regulatory mechanisms of high-altitude adaptation. In press. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology

We've officially moved!

The bulk of the Cheviron Lab has relocated to the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Montana and we are busy setting up shop. We're thrilled about about of the new opportunities available at UM and our great group of new colleagues, but sad to leave behind wonderful colleagues and friends at UIUC, especially lab members Henry and Shane, who are still holding down the fort at UIUC.