Cheviron Lab Battle Emblem. Onward! (by @Blackmudpuppy & Rachel Baits) 

Members of the Cheviron Lab are currently housed at both the University of Montana and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Current Members

Collaborators And Affiliated Labs

Carling Lab - University of Wyoming

Lovette Lab - Cornell University

McClelland Lab - McMaster University

Qutub Lab - Rice University

Scott Lab - McMaster University

Storz Lab - University of Nebraska

Swanson Lab - University of South Dakota 

Taylor Lab - University of Colorado, Boulder

Gone but not forgotten...

Henry Pollock (PhD 2015, now postdoc, Colorado State University)

Doug Eddy (Undergraduate Researcher, now MS student, Carling Lab, University of Wyoming)

Ariel Gafney (Undergraduate Researcher, now MS student, Witt Lab, University of New Mexico)

Elizabeth Hogan (Undergraduate Researcher, now MS student, Meat Sciences Lab, University of Illinois)

Jennifer Jones (Lab Manager, now lab manager at Governors State University)

Chelsea Maguire (Undergraduate Researcher)

Anna Bare (Undergraduate Researcher, now MS student at Northwestern University)

Annika Clementi (Undergraduate Researcher)

Skyeler Henderson (Undergraduate Researcher, now IB major at UIUC)

Patricia Kalinichenko (Undergraduate Researcher, now IB major at UIUC)

Rachael Baits (Undergraduate Researcher, now IB major at UIUC)

Danish Qazi (Undergraduate Researcher, now IB major at UIUC)

Greg Toreev (Undergraduate Researcher, now IB major at UIUC)